Second Order Advisers

Management advisory practise website illustrations.

'Data is not logic'

Concept: Information does not correlate to logic, we're often weighed down by data which can sometimes be bias towards companies.

'Piecemeal Copying'

Concept: Avoiding building a business based on the model of another successful business, taking similar ideas and developing them in an innovative way.

'Breaking the frame'

Concept: Are you solving the right problems? In business and socially - relating to corporations being at an advantage of workers who are considered underpaid and overworked. 

'Numbers don't lie?'

Concept: Numbers being designed to mislead and misrepresent - which is legal and often not called out.

'Listening and empathising'

Concept: Applying user-centric approaches to innovation.

'Beware of the symptomatic solution'

Concept: Focusing on the smaller problems when there are much bigger and impactful problems that need attention.

Six square illustrations representing basic ideas surrounding the running of a business.

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