Fresh Fish Daily Animation

'Fresh Fish Daily' is an animation based on observations from the Arndale Market in Manchester with a focus on the colourful fish stalls of two separate fishmongers; one selling exotic fish, the other selling local fish. The animated outcome is the product of a weeks worth of documentation around the stall in the lead up to Valentine's Day, when there was an influx of customers looking to cook a delicious meal for their significant other. The short film captures the hustle and bustle of a local community and the plethora of people from different cultural backgrounds attracted to this one fish stand - which stocked a wide range of local and exotic fish, to suit a variety of recipes.  

- Featured on the Centre Pompidou learning resource Mon œil, 2020, Paris.

- Selected for Les Sommets du cinéma d'animation in Very Short International category, 2019, Montreal.

- Shortlisted for the Screening Prize at New Designers 2018, London.