Hi! I’m Sarah Wilson / swillistrations, a freelance illustrator and animator based in Manchester, UK.


I work with a range of clients on projects internationally and

locally - spanning from editorial to animation.


I use a mixture of traditional and digital methods, favouring pencils and gouache as a starting point, then developing my work further with digital textures on screen. My approach to my practise is playful yet considered, producing outcomes that have a whimsical, nostalgic feel influenced by nature, romanticism and literature.


When it comes to animation I favour traditional frame-by-frame methods, often focusing on the smaller, subtle movements that add interesting depth to an image. I have received recognition for my animation work from New Designers in 2018, Les Sommets du cinéma d'animation in 2019 and Centre Pompidou in 2020.


Feel free to contact me about commissions at sarah@swillistrations.co.uk, or head to my contact page and fill out the form!